Growth of RIHRDO , District Lakki MARWAT

The oragranization started its activities from Amin Jabo Khel village LAKKI MARWAT living with its own limited resources ( membership fee, collection of local funds and organization funfair and is still in process of its development ets)

In beginning we get the route of awarenes  programmed started . Various type of literacy of other organization was distributed . Resource person was trained at LAKKI MARWAT with other organization and District officer social Welfare aware the community and made organization programmed successful . Later on with the consultation of the Social Welfare officer, the organization was named as “ RIHRDO”

In June 2006 , “ RIHRDO “ was registered under the registeration control ordinance of the 1961 and registered in june 2006 . The “RIHRDO” formed an interim executive Body with the effects of the members of the Body and general body an intergrated development programe was formulated as “RIHRDO” for the support of students (male/female) under that programe “RIHRDO” intiated some projects. Orgnaization’s struggle succeeded in maintaining the social contract’s with community and providing awareness to community .   The organization is working in very hard area where organization are considered anti-Islamic and even female educations are condemned in District LAKKI MARWAT female literacy rated 26.94%.


Lakki Marwat is plain and Settle area. District is very backward . Many ministers , high bureaucrats, and other high official of area are involved in government but they could not do any development work for this area. They migrated. The education institution in male in general and female particular could not get roots in this area . They poverty has been on extreme where families member are not in overseas and families overseas they are rich but not mobile due to education .