Organizational structure and capacity

The organization started its activities from amin jabo khel district Lakki Marwat from its own limited resources. In the start we get the route of awareness programs. Various types of educational programs were started. Resource person was trained successfully. Later on, the organization was registered with social welfare deportment under voluntary social welfare (registration & Control) ordinance 1961.
Meanwhile the organization initiated some projects got funds from social welfare deportment as well as some other donors. (Details are available in this questioner). In 2012, the organization got allows to work from commissioner afghan refugees Khyber pukhtun khwa and got funds from RAHA.

Monitoring and evaluation procedure

Usually we apply double monitoring and evaluation system which is as under:The organization has established a monitoring & evaluation committee consists of 3 members including 1 female member. The committee monitors the entire project and activities. The committee is responsible to complete all the activities in success in specific budget and time. The committee identifies the weaknesses in the implementation of activities and makes recommendation for the removal of the same. In fact this committee is the bake bone of the organization.The organization appoints monitoring & Evaluation officer either volunteer or on pay for each project. The M & E officer is responsible to regularly monitor the project activities in order to ensure its relevance to the objectives, its required quality and quantity. President of the Org and project coordinator is also responsible for monitoring of the whole projects/activities.

Statutory reporting requirements and procedure

The reports of all meetings and other activities are recorded. The name address and signature of the entire participant are taken on a specific form prepared for this purpose. The Social Organizer records NFR of each activity. At least 2 members of the monitoring committee join each activity. Every member prepares its report about the activity separately. The monitoring committee points out the weakness in the project implementation (if persist) and makes recommendations for the removal of the same. These reports are sent to the donors’ organization and to the president of the organization.Cash book, ledger book and stock register are maintained.